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Fees: They are differentiated according to the services required, the number of investigators, the material means used and according to the time frame.

Fees for services:

- Investigations: 15-30 euro/hour

- Monitoring: 20-45 euro/hour

For services of complex internal and international investigations and documentations, the fees will be negotiated.

Procedures: The information offers a wide range of possibilities to contact the private investigators agency. The client has a preliminary discussion with the Executive Director regarding the services required, after which the investigations services contract is concluded and the fees are negotiated. The services offered by our private investigators agency are totally in accordance with the legal object of activity. All procedures regarding the provided services, documents’ evidence and archiving, the private investigator’s deontological statute and code, the quality of services, the collaboration between the private investigators agencies are provided in the Internal Regulation of the Private investigators agency.